Superwoman flyingOkay, so Superman has been around for decades. He's had hundreds of stories covering every stage of his life and the lives of the people around him. He's faced bizarre villains, countless alternate realities, and had more encounters with red kryptonite than you can imagine. He even had his own personal magical imp that would make regular appearances for the express purpose of causing mischief in the Man of Steel's life.

With all that, you'd think he'd have been turned into a woman more often, wouldn't you? <grin>

Superboy as a girl seeing his reflectionIn fact, it doesn't seem to have happened very often at all. I've only been able to find a few stories which involved the Superman discovering his feminine side. (There have been some other TG transformations in the various Superman books, but they seem to avoid him almost completely.) In any case, I've compiled a few entries here involving the "last daughter of Krypton," with two of them being presented in their entirety.

(Note: There have been recurring rumors about a red-kryptonite story which causes Superman or Superboy to change gender. Several people seem to vaguely remember this story, but I've yet to find an actual account of the details, much less the story itself. If anybody out there has information, drop me a line and I'll be happy to share with the rest of the class.)

Claire Kent, Alias Super-Sister!
Superboy #78, Jan. 1960

This is probably the most well-known of the TG Superman stories, and it certainly has the most TG content. Superboy makes a crack about an alien woman's "driving" ability, and finds himself being taught a lesson about the fair sex.

  1. Don't knock feminine intuition
  2. "Super-charm" apparently isn't one of his powers
  3. Ma Kent doesn't seem too broken up about it
  4. Unfortunately, Lana decides to forego the slumber party and pillow fight
  5. Super-sister meets her less than adoring public
  6. "Super intuition." Now we know why there were no writer's credits back then...
  7. Hey, no fair! It was my turn to wear the leaping hood!
  8. Later, Aquaman kicks her butt for having roughed up the shark
  9. Superboy learns his lesson: girls' underwear is really soft

Superman #349 CoverThe Turnabout Trap!
Superman #349, July 1980

Superman returns from outer space to find that everyone's gender has been reversed, but he's the only one who realizes it. Next to the "Super-Sister" story, this probably has the most TG content I've seen in a Superman story. It also features Superman using his "super-hypnosis," which narrowly edges out Super Sister's "super intution" as the goofiest power he's ever displayed. <grin>

  1. "Superboy's" shorts were a comprimise...originally, they had him wearing culottes
  2. Unwelcome homecoming?
  3. If Superman goes crazy, is it Super-Insanity?
  4. Justice League TG?
  5. The mystery deepens
  6. Gathering more clues
  7. The transgender confrontation
  8. No fair using "super-ventriloquism!"
  9. An unusual prison
  10. "I loved it. It was much better than 'Cats.' I'm going to see it again and again."
  11. Buzzard bait
  12. Somehow I doubt Wonder Woman would have folded so easily
  13. The architect of this little drama appears
  14. Thank you, Captain Exposition
  15. Geez, the lengths some people will go to just to make a point...
  16. At this point, the writer realizes he's only got two pages to wrap this up
  17. Wouldn't it be cool if nobody changed back? Unfortunately, however...

Whom Gods Destroy
Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy #4 of 4

In this Elseworlds story, the greek gods have taken an active hand in mankind's affairs, with Zeus and Hera playing complicated games against each other using humanity and their fellow gods as the playing pieces. Each of the gods has taken up opposing sides in this conflict, with the villains following Ares, who has constructed a fascist state with himself as the ruler. Among those opposing him are Superman and Wonder Woman (who in this reality is Lois Lane, having been granted her powers by the goddess Athena).

At one point during the conflict, Superman had been defeated and transformed into a centaur who debauched his way across the countryside accompanied by maenads (the female centaurs). At this point in the story, the heroes are staging the final raid against Ares' citadel, but to atone for his unwitting crimes against women, Superman must do so cast in the form of a teenage girl...

  1. If it was good enough for Hercules, it's good enough for you
  2. Trouble shows up
  3. The good guys get involved
  4. An unexpected ally
  5. Clark has some troubles adapting
  6. Infiltrating the citadel
  7. Riddle of the sphinx
  8. Meanwhile, Lois is demolishing some buildings
  9. Clark faces a crisis
  10. Lois arrives, and Clark makes a sacrifice
  11. The end of a hero?
  12. Back in action
  13. Adonis figures it out
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