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These are comic strips and illustrations with a TG theme, generally taken from magazines.

Mad Magazine comics

Mad Magazine Comics

Liberty Meadows comics

Liberty Meadows Comics

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Magician's apprentice

Magician's Apprentice
Playboy, August 1959

Being a magician's apprentice isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Dr. Jekyll gets a surprise

Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde?
Playboy, February 1998

Dr. Jekyll's formula goes slightly awry.

Captain Kirk turns into a woman
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Star Tracks
Cracked magazine, Fall 1981

After visiting "The Planet of Change," Captain Kirk starts experiencing some unusual changes.

A damsel in distress
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Snarf Quest
Dragon Magazine #83, 84

An intrepid(?) band of adventurers stops to help a damsel in distress. Suckers...

The "beautiful elfin maid"

What's New?
Dragon Magazine #68

Judicious use of theatrical makeup can enhance the role playing experience.

Knight or Maiden?
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Little Tomb of Horrors
Dragon Magazine #258

A lampoon of the lethal D&D module "Tomb of Horrors," complete with a bit on the sex-change portal.

A poorly worded birthday wish

Wishing For A Better Body
1998 Hallmark/Shoebox greeting card

Some birthday wishes do come true...just be careful what you wish for!

Head-swapping with the transporter

Transploder malfunction
Sev Trek web page

A minor technical difficulty Cap'n...shouldn't take more than a few weeks to fix. <grin>

Female-looking alien

Invasion from the planet Revlon?
Playboy, May 1968

Women are from Venus, and apparently so are the men...

Surprised woman in a bikini
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Colorized Images
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No Deposit, No Return
Crazy Magazine #82, January 1982
Colorized pictures donated by Paul Pichette

While on a fishing trip, a man finds a genie who gives imaginative interpretations of his wishes.

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